The First Collection

The first day of garbage clean up! This was for my grandmother's donation as well as a donation made by a citizen that was at the park. 300 pieces of garbage right here! You can see the tracking sheet I use in the bottom corner created by the Vancouver Aquarium for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Anyone that sponsors me this month will be marked down as a participant in this event. I usually coordinate this event on a certain day but my work schedule won't allow it this year so instead I'll do the dirty work and you'll get the credit. So keep the donations coming, as you can see a little donation does a lot. That's a full size garbage bag! Among some of the strange items collected: a comb, a shingle, a lock, and 19 lotto tickets....and 114 food wrappers. You can sponsor here! 10 pieces of garbage picked up for each dollar donated. 300/1,000,000 pieces collected on the first day!

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