Cigarette Butts....EWWWWW

Cigarette butts. Ewww! 250 for the handsome Aaron Wood. 200 for the AMAZING Gillian Holmes. And 100 for the mysterious IG follower  thank you all for your support!! All these butts will be included in the totals for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and you've been marked down as participants. The best part about this haul is that these cigarette butts are going to be recycled by TerraCycle. A major problem with cig butt litter is that some animals (birds & fish) think it's food which can cause health problems or death. Save the birds for Gillian because she needs to study them for years to come! And save the fish for Aaron otherwise he'll be a very sad fisherman.  Keep the sponsors coming! There is still lotttttsss of garbage for me to pick up!

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