Odd Fellows & Rebekah's

This cleanup was completed in Pembroke, Ontario on behalf of the humanitarian services group called the Odd Fellows/Rebekah's of Harrowsmith, Ontario. They gave a generous donation of $200 so here you can see I've picked up 500 pieces of garbage and 1000 cigarette butts. I still have 500 more pieces to go to complete their sponsorship  The cigarette butts will be sent to TerraCycle where they'll be recycled into plastic crates and other things. Among the interesting things found: some kids toys, a fancy shoe, and a piece of a synthetic Christmas tree. I also found someone's drink stash in the rocks by the lighthouse. And my seagull friends helped me clean up two days in a row. Thank you for your sponsorship! Go to the Sponsorship page if you'd like more information on how to be featured in my campaign!

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