2000 Butts

I picked up 2000 cigarette butts for my Dad, Robert! He is a past smoker as well as a survivor of throat cancer. And I am very thankful to have him around this Thanksgiving weekend  I've been picking up extra butts everywhere I go and finished off his collection in Port Hope, Ontario. The salmon run is just coming to an end so there were carcasses all over the place. It smelled wonderful....not. But even worse than the smell was the number of cigarette butts on the ground, all in areas where runoff enters the river. The salmon die naturally this time of year after spawning but I'm not sure how any other fish can live in this polluted area. There was definitely more than one cigarette butt per litre of water in the area and it wouldn't take much for them to wash into the water. This cigarette butt problem is much bigger than I thought. I will send all these butts to TerraCycle.

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