Shane's Doing His Part, Are You?

I had the privilege of meeting Shane L. S. Dennis the other day. Such an amazing guy doing some amazing things!

If you're in Barrie, Ontario go check out the Unity Market Cafe & Studios and say Hi to Shane, you won't be disappointed.

ANNNNDDD he does cleanups! So if I'm not around and you want to get out there and pick up some litter you should definitely go with him!

Just got back from the Community Clean Up!! I was riding solo today but I know many of Your spirits were with me! I had a young gentleman come up to me and say "hey Bro, I see You picking up all this garbage on the streets, I got You a coffee to warm You up, I just wanted to say thank You for what You do." I was very grateful, we had a nice little convo and I continued on my way as he did... 5 minutes later another young gentleman stopped me and asked, "Hey man, are You doing this for free???" I replied "yes, but really its the least I could do for having the chance to live every day". He then reached out with some money in his hands to give me and said "please take this, its only a little but I really think its amazing what you are doing" I smiled and said "thank You but I can't take Your money, buy someone a coffee or tea that looks like they need a warm drink".. We chatted for a few more minutes about "paying it forward" and then we both continued on our way  ..... THEN, about 10 minutes later, an older man (that looked as though he had maybe abused a few too many substances in his life) rode by on a bicycle and said, "You missed a piece You loser!!" Kind of shocked I just laughed and then couldn't help but compare my experiences over that past 20 minutes to the extremes we see on the daily online, in real life and really everywhere... There are soooo many wonderful initiatives happening, so much love, so much positivity. There is also soooo much hate, so much hurt, so much illusion, so much confusion... We are in a PINNACLE time! We have a choice ALL the time of how we act, what we say, how we react, what we do... The choice is Yours. Choose #Love or choose fear... I know which one I choose, I know that these times are crying out for us to live with Love, to show Love, to be Love... The best part is, it isn't that hard, just use Your HEART, listen to Your heart... YOU are a MASSIVE influence in this world every single second of every single day. You and You and You and You..... Be the change, see it change. I know You care, we just have to influence each other to #ActivateYourActivism... I am a Warrior of the light, and that is the realest thing I could ever speak. I WILL (if I have to) die to try and make this world a better place. I dedicate my life to humanity till I'm gone.. It's in our hands, and THAT is EXCITING! Get excited about Your life and watch Your life transform. Much Love to EVERYONE!! It's just a page within a day that we could make it, to a place of possibilities and greatness.

-Shane L. S. Dennis, Unity Market

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