5 Pieces Bahamas Edition

Thank you to anyone that listened to me on Reality Check! with Chrissy Love! So as many people can get involved as possible we're going to do an island wide cleanup! The challenge is for everyone to pick up 5 pieces of litter at any point during the day on Friday to see how much litter we can pick up collectively! Post a picture of the items you picked up to the Facebook Event and I will add them to the grand total. Make sure that all the items are visible in your picture so I can count them, and feel free to pick up more than 5! Invite allllll your friends to the event, lets see if The Bahamas can pick up more pieces in one day than Canada has picked up in the past five months!

If you'd like to do a larger cleanup on this day, say an entire beach or park send me a message and I can set you up!

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