Jess has her Butt in Gear!

Jess Johnson has gone above and beyond when it comes to picking up other people's butts (hehe). Over the month of January she picked up over 1,000 cigarette butts in Lindsay, Ontario. Not only did she prevent the toxins from all these butts from leaching into our environment she also made it to the top spot on our collectors roster!

All these butts will be sent to TerraCycle Canada to be recycled! Thanks for your hard work Jess!
"Here she is! 1040 cigarettes, collected mostly from the Frost Campus of Fleming College in Lindsay, ON. This is my January contribution to #AGreenerFuture and I am hoping to double it in February. This collection is dedicated to my wonderful Aunt Marie Foster who has now been smoke free for over 5 months! Look at what you've been missing (hint, hint, nothing good)!" - Jess Johnson

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