Eat Your Greens!

5 Tips to Follow: Save Money & Go Green

Written By: Julie Taylor


Going green seems to be everywhere these days. People and businesses are jumping on board and becoming more environmentally conscious – and it’s all for a greener reason. Being mindful of your household waste might just be the easiest way to save your family a little money, and it can start with food. Canadians waste an average of 31 billion dollars in food per year. That’s millions of pounds of food, and a very large impact on the environment! Here are a 5 helpful tips that will help you reduce your food waste and put a little green back into your pocket: 


1. Make a grocery list and stick to it. 

People tend to overbuy when they are shopping. A list will encourage you to sit down and think about what you and your family actually eat in a week, and limits over-purchasing at the grocery store.


2. Don’t shop when you’re hungry. 

Research shows people buy more when they’re hungry, so do your wallet a favour and eat a snack before heading out to the store. 


3. Compost your kitchen scraps. 

Food excess like peels and bones can avoid the landfill by being composted.


4. Start a vegetable garden. 

Summer is quickly approaching, and with fruit and vegetable prices at an all-time high, a garden can save you bundles. Not to mention, fresh always tastes better!


5. Buy the ugly tomato. 

A lot of produce is thrown out at the grocery store level because their appearance doesn’t fit consumer standards. So give your family a laugh and buy the ugly tomato – it will taste better knowing you’re doing the environment a favour.

 "I'm a 21 year old writer with the hope that maybe one day, I can help change the world one word at a time." - Julie Taylor 

Photo: Ariel Archibald

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