Love Your Lake Niagara-on-the-Lake


What a great first day! It rained a little, was mostly cloudy, and got really windy at the end but overall it was still a great day! At first glance both parks we cleaned up looked fairly clean but once we really dug into it there was more than we thought. We had lots of great conversations with people passing by, the people of NOTL are very friendly! It felt great to be on the shore of Lake Ontario and we're really excited to see where this adventure takes us next!


Total Pieces Collected = 1,339

256 cigarette butts

85 food wrappers

98 plastic bottle caps

51 straws

421 plastic pieces

216 foam pieces


Weird Things Found

Bra underwire, silly string, lipstick, 4 golf balls, candles, and 17 tampon applicators.




Queen's Royal Park

Ryerson Park




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    Peg Archibald (Saturday, 14 May 2016 20:08)

    well done! Looking forward to help out!!