Love Your Lake Grimsby


It was a beautiful day in Grimsby today! We started out at Grimsby Beach where we were joined by some amazing volunteers. We went up and down the shoreline multiple times and never came back empty handed. There were layers of plastic pieces under the driftwood and rocks. In the end we picked up 1,103 pieces of litter. We had a goose family drop by for a visit and there were strings of ducks flying by as well. We had some very meaningful conversations with our volunteers, mainly about how our lack of community has led to the degradation of the environment. At one time, everyone in a community was responsible for one another. Now it seems that it's everyone for themselves in most situations. This can change, and we hope it does. It would be wonderful if everyone got to know their neighbours and offered a helping hand. We would probably see a lot more participation at community cleanup events. Our second cleanup was at Murray Street Park. Once again it was mostly plastic mixed in among the rocks. The park was fairly clean, a few cigarette butts here and there, but the harder to get to areas had lots of debris that had washed up or blown in. We picked up 383 pieces in just over an hour. We handed out some buttons to visitors at the park and had some great chats! Meeting people along the way is one of the best parts of the project! We hope that we'll get to meet you at one of the cleanups in the next few weeks! --> Register Here!


Total Pieces Collected:  1512

229 food wrappers


137 plastic bottle caps

84 straws

63 plastic bags

397 plastic pieces

121 foam pieces

25 tampon applicators


Weird Things Found:

table leg, ice pack, piece of faux Christmas tree, a bamboo rake, inhaler, a rug, and a toy pear, car, and army man.




Grimsby Beach

Murray Street Park



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