Love Your Lake Hamilton Day 1


Definitely the nicest day yet! No wind!! We started out at 50 Point Conservation Area where we picked up a million pieces of plastic...well not a million but 2,790 pieces is close enough. There were a lot of straws and plastic bottle caps and hundreds of pieces of unidentifiable plastic. After two hours of digging there was still lots left but we had to move on to the next cleanup. We headed over to Confederation Park and cleaned along the shoreline all the way over to Skyway Park. Here we found 567 pieces. The midges were horrendous. Overall a great day with a total of 3,357 pieces of litter collected.


Total Pieces Collected:  1512


293 cigarette butts

242 food wrappers

577 plastic bottle caps

715 straws

1160 plastic pieces

172 foam pieces


Weird Things Found:

plastic grenade, tiny brush, tennis ball, a puzzle piece, and a piece of lego.




50 Point Conservation Area

Confederation Park

Skyway Park



Find out where we'll be next by clicking HERE!

Look At What We Found:

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    Marilyn Horwath (Sunday, 22 May 2016 13:41)

    The cigarette butts can be recycled at terracycle.

  • #2

    A Greener Future (Sunday, 22 May 2016 13:45)

    Yes! We send all our butts to TerraCycle!