Love Your Lake Burlington Day 1


We picked up so much litter today! 2,724 pieces! Beachway Park and Burlington Beach had a lot of tiny pieces of plastic in the sand but were fairly well maintained. We had a great group of volunteers so the cleanup went very quickly! We managed to collect 1,173 pieces. In the afternoon we moved on to Spencer Smith Park and focused on a small rocky area that was loaded with plastic pieces. We picked up 1,551 pieces within 1.5 hours. We also found two syringes.



Total Pieces Collected:  2,724

444 cigarette butts

108 plastic bottle caps

70 straws

1538 plastic pieces

376 foam pieces


Weird Things Found:

Two combs, "7" candle, googley eye, toy soldier, firework, plastic spider, Ray Ban sunglasses, & a medical mask.


Beachway Park

Burlington Beach

Spencer Smith Park



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