Love Your Lake Oakville Day 2

Oakville Day 2

We're back in Oakville after a few days off and it was a hot day! We went to three different locations to clean up and picked up a total of 1,205 pieces of litter. Overall the three beaches we went to were fairly clean and it was mostly cigarette butts and plastic pieces. We also found a couple casualties, a dead seagull and a nest of dead baby robins. My sister Ariel and I always give these poor souls a proper funeral and move them to a covered area.


We met lots of cool people today who were out walking. We gave them buttons and had some great conversations about litter.  We still have five more cleanup locations in Oakville! We hope to see some of you out there!


Total Pieces Collected:  1,205

357 cigarette butts

125 food wrappers

202 plastic pieces

111 foam pieces

221 paper pieces


Weird Things Found:

6 tiny parachutes, beach toy rake, lipliner, earring, salad bowl, comb, garden hose, teddy bear ear, custom made ear plug.



Bronte Beach Park 

Bronte Heritage Park

Water's Edge Park


Find out where we'll be next by clicking HERE!

Look At What We Found:

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    Jan Jenkinson (Saturday, 28 May 2016 13:18)

    I am very proud of our Lake, and what is being done to get it cleaner.
    I was very impressed to hear of what you are doing.
    When I am out walking, I too will be picking up garbage.
    Thank you for starting this program.