Love Your Lake Oakville Day 3

Oakville Day 3

Today was a great day in Oakville! We love spending the day at the lake when it's hot and sunny even if we're there to pick up litter. It was nice to see so many people out enjoying Lake Ontario. When I was out on the pier at Lakeside Park I overheard a little girl as her mom why she couldn't swim in the water and her mom said because there's too much garbage and pollution in the water. It's sad but completely true. I looked over the railing of the pier and there were random plastic items floating in among big blobs of algae. Although we've picked up thousands of pieces of litter through this project there is still a long way to go before Lake Ontario becomes a clean, pristine lake. PLEASE do your part by picking up litter when you see it, making sure your garbage doesn't become litter, and teaching our children how important it is to protect our planet.


If you pick up some litter while you're out and about enjoying the wonderful waterfront post a picture with the hashtag #LoveYourLake so we can see all the good deeds you amazing human beings are doing! A special thank you to Taz and Cam who picked up 500 pieces of litter in Toronto!! (see pic below!)



Total Pieces Collected:  1,983

742 cigarette butts

133 food wrappers

103 bottle caps

99 straws

438 plastic pieces


Weird Things Found:

pirate loot bag, a hair weave, glasses, shoe, turkey sticker.


Coronation Park

Tannery Park

Lakeside Park



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Look At What We Found:

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