Love Your Lake Oakville Finale

Oakville Day 4


Today we had our last two stops in Oakville for Love Your Lake! Dingle Park was very clean, we left there with only 104 pieces of litter. When arriving at Arkendo Park it looked very clean, it wasn't until we started digging through the rocks at the shoreline that we found all the treasure. Thank goodness we had so much help, we still took the full two hours to haul it all out even with eight volunteers. From a toilet seat to a fire extinguisher we found a little bit of everything. Good thing we had so many big muscles to help us carry it all away.


Over the ten locations in Oakville we picked up 5,308 pieces of litter and had 50 participants. Everyone we met along the way was very happy to see what we were up to. We had a great time in Oakville and look forward to coming back for a visit in the future!


Total Pieces Collected:  868 pieces 

51 food wrappers

50 bottle caps

40 cans

48 straws

235 plastic pieces


Weird Things Found:

A fire extinguisher, a backpack, toilet seat, 5 golf balls, 2 frisbees, a candle, fishing rod, pylon, mop, bread pallet, a wiffle ball, and twenty pence.



Dingle Park

Arkendo Park 


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Look At What We Found:

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    CRS Automotive (Friday, 03 June 2016 02:04)

    We need more to pay attention to our environment. By throwing trash, we are only harming ourselves.