Love Your Lake Mississauga Day 3

Mississauga Cleanups

Today we cleaned up two areas that were a little inland from Lake Ontario. Which turned out to be a good thing because it was very windy and cleaning up next to the lake would have been very difficult! Our first stop was John C. Pallet Park. We were joined by an amazing volunteer named Lubos. There was quite a bit of litter blowing around but it was really quick and easy to pick up since we're used to climbing around on shoreline rocks and pulling things out of the cracks. We met some awesome students who were really appreciative of what we were doing.  After a hot drink at Starbucks we continued on to the Sheridan Creek Trail. The kids were just getting out of school and walking down the trail so we had the opportunity to give out a lot of buttons! This was one area that we felt like we made a big difference. I think we got almost all of the litter we could see. A note to whoever cuts the grass there: Running over litter with the lawnmower doesn't make it go away, it just makes it more difficult to pick up. All in all it was a windy, productive, and fun day! Thanks for joining us Lubos!


Total Pieces Collected:  1,596 pieces 

782 cigarette butts

175 food wrappers


97 styrofoam pieces

190 paper pieces


Weird Things Found:

magnifying glass, dog tag "Bella", Nike shoe, unopened yogurt, lots of socks.



John C. Pallet Park

Sheridan Creek Trail


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