Love Your Lake Mississauga Day 4

Last Day in Mississauga

It was our last day in Mississauga and we were joined for the day by our wonderful volunteer Katie! ! Our first location was Malton Greenway which is a forested pathway that goes between houses and shops. It seemed pretty clean until we got to the "party spot." There was a little clearing on the side of that path that had seen a few parties. There were a ton of cigarette butts and beer bottle caps squished into the ground. That's where we found the fake finger nail. There was even a little table to set your drink on. The place looked a lot better by the time we left, but it will only take a few more parties until it's back where it was. Our second stop was at Crooksville Creek which is another nature path that runs through R. Jones Park. We had a beautiful wander through the forest and saw lots of wildlife; birds, squirrels, and ducks. It was a great way to finish off in Mississauga. Lots of adventures to come as we head in to Toronto next!


Total Pieces Collected:  2,071 pieces 

1,284 cigarette butts

157 food wrappers

46 grocery bags

117 plastic pieces

160 paper pieces


Weird Things Found:

candle, weird food pack, and a finger nail.


Malton Greenway

Crooksville Creek



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