Love Your Lake Toronto Day 1

Six Cleanups in the 6ix

Love Your Lake Toronto started with a bang, it was a record breaking day! We picked up 5,972 pieces of litter over six cleanups. We were joined by many wonderful volunteers who worked hard through the heat to get lots of work done. The parks we went to were so nice, but there was a lot of litter at every one we went to. A lot of small plastic pieces and pieces of foam all washed up on shore. We also found four syringes. There were more conversations than usual. Lots of people passing by were interested in what we were doing and stopped to chat. We hope that the rest of the cleanups are this successful, and that we have lots of volunteers that come out to join us!


Total Pieces Collected:  5,972 pieces 

1,255 cigarette butts

224 food wrappers

1,546 plastic pieces

1,890 foam pieces

259 paper pieces


Weird Things Found:

Baby carrot, rubber lizard, potted plant, toilet seat, Irene's pills, silly string, sour candy, contact lens, ceramic plate, sunglasses, horse toy, toe separator, magic marker, baster, mirror, lawn chair, couch cushions, kite, jeans, and a winter coat.


Marie Curtis Park

Len Ford Park

Colonel Sam Smith Park

Long Branch Park

Rotary Peace Park 

Prince of Wales Park


Find out where we'll be next by clicking HERE!

Look At What We Found:

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