Love Your Lake Toronto Day 2

Ponds of Plastic

It was an exciting day today, we completed our 50th cleanup this morning at Amos Waites Park in Toronto! We're half way through the project already! Thank you so much to everyone who has come out to help cleanup or support us online. This project wouldn't be successful without you! We had to cancel our cleanup at Sir Casimir Gazowski Park because the park was blocked off for an event. We'll pick another spot further along the lake in Toronto to make up for it. Our second cleanup was at Humber Bay Park East. It's a beautiful park but there is a lot of garbage and huge algae blooms in the ponds. Mike put some garbage bags on his legs to go in the pond and pick some of the plastic pieces out. This made a few spectators laugh. The poor ducks and swans are swimming around in this plastic-algae soup, and we even saw a seagull eat some plastic. We need to prevent garbage from ending up on the ground for the health and safety of wildlife and humans alike. We have a few days off before we head back to Toronto for some more cleanups, come out and join us!


Total Pieces Collected: 1,180 pieces 

113 food wrappers

51 straws

55 cans

192 plastic pieces

210 foam pieces

118 paper pieces


Weird Things Found:

blueprints, yoga poster, a shovel, a shoe, baby sunglasses, and kids blocks.


Amos Waites Park

Humber Bay Park East



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