Love Your Lake Toronto Day 3

Cigarette Beach

We're back at it again! We cleaned up at three beaches in Toronto today. It feels like summer out there! It was hot and dusty but that sure didn't slow us down. We picked up 2,660 pieces of litter, almost half of that was cigarette butts. Most of these came from Sunnyside Park around the park benches, picnic benches and on the boardwalk. There was also a very sad butterfly garden full of litter and we spruced that up a bit. We also encountered a battle ground of water balloons in Budapest Park. We picked up 108 molten hot pieces of balloon. So unfortunate to see this, not only do birds and other wildlife eat these and it could be lethal, but if a bare-footed kid stepped on one of these it would definitely burn them, some of them were melted to the grass. There was also a couple slices of pizza on the shore, looked good but were covered in ants. Our bags of litter might look small but there's a lot in each one as we usually find small things in the sand. The city workers get most of the big stuff when they do their rounds so what we're finding is mostly pieces of plastic and glass that are less than an inch big. Tomorrow we're back for another day in Toronto! Can't wait to see what we find!


Total Pieces Collected: 2,660 pieces 

1,269 cigarette butts

238 food wrappers

369 plastic pieces

159 foam pieces

269 paper pieces


Weird Things Found:

plastic flower ring, glasses lens, tiny umbrella, box of pizza with 2 slices, shoe sole, sea sock, whale toy, two joker cards, a birthday invitation, a hair roller, and a deer or cow tooth.


Sunnyside Park

Budapest Park

Cherry Beach



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