Love Your Lake Toronto Day 5

Up High Above the Water

Today we had the team from the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund join our cleanup! They're the organization that made Love Your Lake possible by providing us with funding! It was so much fun, and great to have so many helping hands! We cleaned up Sylvan Park which sits high on top of the bluffs in Scarborough. This park looked pretty clean but we managed to find 989 pieces of litter. A majority of the litter was food wrappers, metal bottle caps, cigarette butts and paper pieces but we did find some weird things like a braided hair extension and a blanket. Our second location was Guild Park. It was so peaceful it was surreal. The water was motionless and the birds were flying by in lines. It was so quiet. We picked a lot of things out of the rocks along the water. Mostly food and beverage items, but we did find another braided hair extension and a syringe. Thank you to all our amazing volunteers! It was a very successful day! And a special thank you to Katie who has come out to a lot of cleanups including both of the locations today! I can't even keep count how many she's come to anymore!


There's still time to enter our contests! Enter our Tim Card and Mug contest HERE! And our Beach Bag contest HERE! And if you've come out to a cleanup you can receive 5 entries for the Beach Bag PER cleanup you attend!


Total Pieces Collected: 1,460 pieces 

435 cigarette butts

134 food wrappers

83 metal bottle caps

232 paper pieces


Weird Things Found:

blanket, golf ball, full pack of cigarettes, braided hair extension (X2), silicon tube, hot hands pocket warmers, news article about a wolf sanctuary in Colorado, pages from a book about Zeus.


Sylvan Park (989 pcs)

Guild Park (471 pcs) -1 syringe



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Look At What We Found:

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