Love Your Lake Toronto Day 6

Tanya's Beach Cleanup Trio

Our awesome coordinator Tanya completed the last three cleanups in Toronto! She started out at Grey Abbey Park where it wasn't too busy and there wasn't a lot of litter. She didn't find anything too crazy, butts by the benches and a dead fledgling on a bench under a tree. Next up was East Point Park, this park was kind of off the beaten path. Access from the second parking lot has trails throughout the bird sanctuary above the bluffs and a trail by the water. Tanya picked up a bit of litter from the parking lot and then went to the water. There were foam pieces galore by the water so that's where she spent most of her time. The last beach cleaned was Rouge Beach. It was quite busy, lots of people having picnics, chilling, and having drinks. Some people thanked Tanya for cleaning up and a couple people actually brought her some litter too. Hopefully the people watching thought twice about leaving garbage behind. This location is one that people seem to fish at quite a bit, there were fishing lines, cigarette butts and bottle caps by the wetland, even a pair of pants in the water!


Tanya, THANK YOU for doing these cleanups! You're the best!


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Total Pieces Collected: 1,657 pieces 

525 cigarette butts

87 food wrappers

444 foam pieces

87 plastic bottle caps


Weird Things Found:

Nothing too weird. There was a dead baby bird on a bench though.



Grey Abbey Park 

East Point Park

Rouge Beach


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