Love Your Lake Pickering

Picking up in Pickering

We had so much fun cleaning up in Pickering! We started off at Petticoat Creek Conservation Area. Thank you TRCA for the free park passes! There was quite a bit of litter down by the water but it was hard to get down there, all the paths down were very steep. Mike and Ariel rappelled down the cliff (well more like slid) and picked up as much as they could. There's a few upside down picnic tables down on the shoreline if the City is interested in retrieving them! Next up was Frenchman's Bay. There was a ton of litter here because there was only one garbage can that was over flowing. More cans are definitely needed here. On day two we cleaned up Beachfront Park and Alex Robertson Park. We found more of the foam balls in the sand that we had picked up at a previous cleanup. The park was busy with end of the year class trips and we picked up a bunch of straw packages and food wrappers that the kids left behind. There were a lot of cigarette butts along the boardwalk, especially around any benches. I'm very surprised that smoking is permitted in so many parks, and that there are no cigarette butt receptacles in these areas. We live in Pickering and we've done quite a few cleanups in the area and sadly the litter always seems to come back. This is an issue that needs to be solved before it gets worse!


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Total Pieces Collected: 3,549 pieces 

1,239 cigarette butts

335 food wrappers

111 metal bottle caps

338 foam pieces

314 plastic pieces


Weird Things Found:

scavenger hunt page, Barbie arm, swim goggles, fake flowers, metal tongs, bubbles, underwear, basketball, a sausage.


Petticoat Creek Conservation Area

Frenchman's Bay

Beachfront Park

Alex Robertson Park



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