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Secret Spy Cleanup

We doubled back to Whitby to do another cleanup. We went to Intrepid Park which we found out was an old spy camp. We thought we were going to find some spy gadgets for sure. But we only left with garbage: a bunch of cigarette butts, a few cellophane balloons, and a pile of water bottles. It was so hot and the water was so calm, just beautiful. The birds were having meetings on the beach. Probably discussing the state of the water quality and number of plastic pieces they had mistaken for food that morning. This was a quiet and peaceful spot that not very many people venture to because of the location. With that said there was still lots of evidence of people being around. The worst part was the number of cigarette butts we found especially while on the trail going down to the water. The grass was brown and dead and the ground was so dry it was cracked. I picked a few butts out of the cracks. It would only take one lit cigarette butt to light the whole meadow on fire. This is so dangerous. PLEASE put your butt out and DO NOT litter it on the ground.



Total Pieces Collected: 271 pieces 

50 cigarette butts

49 plastic pieces

40 foam pieces

22 plastic beverage bottles

17 paper items

16 food wrappers

15 plastic packaging

11 plastic bottle caps

9 other plastic bags

5 plastic lids

4 straws

4 personal hygiene

4 plastic cups

3 other items

3 rope

3 cans

3 plastic grocery bags

2 utensils

2 tobacco packages

2 metal bottle caps

2 glass pieces

2 clothing

2 construction materials

1 paper cup


Weird Things Found:

jar of coconut oil, hydro pole, plastic hashtag


Intrepid Park



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