Love Your Lake Clarington

Cleaning up Clarington

Our first cleanup at Courtice Road beach was a lot of fun! We had some great volunteers join us and found a lot of stuff! It was a beautiful place but could really use a municipal garbage can somewhere. It seems as though someone was doing some target practice as we found lots of shotgun shells. We found lots of other weird things like night cream and a chicken recipe. People are doing some weird things down at the beach. We also stopped in at Darlington Provincial Park for a quick cleanup. We found a lot of small things here and decided to make a bit of artwork. It may not be the best piece of work you've ever seen but it was nice to spend some time enjoying the waves, watching the birds, and stretching out in the sun. 


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Total Pieces Collected: 1,046 pieces 

83 cigarette butts

70 food wrappers

119 plastic pieces

334 foam pieces

167 paper pieces


Weird Things Found:

door hinge, shotgun shells, a marble, oil jug, broken cell phone, night cream, cooking instructions for chicken, glass bowl, Edible Arrangements Plaque, tent peg


Darlington Provincial Park

Courtice Road Beach



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