Love Your Lake Newcastle

Messy Marinas

We made a quick stop in Newcastle to do a cleanup near the marina. I just have to say it, marinas are always the most littered places. You'd think with all their fancy boats and clubhouses they would spend a bit of time keeping their property clean. And marinas always have weird hair glue? It was a rocky shoreline along this stretch which seems to hold on to the litter that's washed ashore. There are lots of bits of plastic, foam, and cans that end up wedged in the rocks. Also a few dead birds unfortunately. I've been on boats and I know how easy it is to lose items overboard so I am overly cautious when I'm on the water to make sure everything is secure. But I'll still always wonder how a bottle of hair glue ends up on the beach. Newcastle is a beautiful place, lets help keep it that way! 


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Total Pieces Collected: 413 pieces 

151 cigarette butts

7 cigarette packages

36 cans

49 plastic pieces



Weird Things Found:

box of Kleenex, kayak instructions, hair glue, part of a hockey stick, two winter gloves



Port of Newcastle 


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Look At What We Found:

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