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Butts, Butts, Butts

There were so many cigarette butts here we couldn't even put a dent in picking them all up. Literally thousands on the ground from the parking lot down to the beach and then dotted in the sand all the way across. This is so sad to see. It's very obvious that people don't understand the harm that cigarette butt litter has on our environment, wildlife, and our own personal health. When you see a butt on the beach just remember that it's full of thousands of chemicals (some carcinogenic) and it's on it's way to ending up in our drinking water. Some of these chemicals can't be filtered out at the water treatment plant. Please smoke responsibly! If the Town of Port Hope would like to work together on a mitigation plan, please send us a message at A Greener Future!


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Total Pieces Collected: 884 pieces 

800 cigarette butts

21 food wrappers

21 plastic pieces

22 paper pieces



Weird Things Found:

an orange and a vinyl patch kit


 Port Hope Beach


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In 2014 we did a cleanup in Port Hope along the Ganaraska River and found 825 cigarette butts along a small part of the riverbank.

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