Love Your Lake Presqu'ile Park

Picking up in Presqu'ile

Camping can be messy. You pack up a thousand things, usually way too much. Unload it all at the campsite and try to get organized. One gust of wind and your newspapers for fire starter are blown all over the campground. We found that the grounds of Presqu'ile Park are very well maintained. That being said, it is a HUGE park and we didn't get to explore even half of it. We did three cleanups in total. One along the west shore beach, one along the south shore where the camp sites are located, and one through the park as we wandered around. 


We had been warned that there may be a lot of dead birds, and there were. Young gulls sometimes don't beat the odds of survival. It's not necessarily a bad thing as the sick and weak need to be weeded out to keep the colony strong. Just not nice to find them all along the beach.


We took some time to Love Our Lake. Mike went for a swim, Ariel did a lakeside mediation, Linden had a beach snooze, and I (Rochelle) enjoyed watching the waves roll in. We had a great time camping and enjoying the outdoors all weekend long. We'll be back again Presqu'ile!


Total Pieces Collected: 600 pieces 

73 cigarette butts

128 food wrappers

184 plastic pieces

68 paper pieces


Weird Things Found:

broccoli, dryer sheets, Dora the Explorer balloon, gimp for bracelet making, vinyl repair kit, comb, tiny bowling ball, gravestone 


Presqu'ile Provincial Park, Brighton



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