How To Go Zero Waste Camping

Warm weather means we’re at full action over here at A Greener Future. We’ve been spending our time cleaning up the shores of Lake Ontario. The garbage from winter got us thinking... How can we avoid summer litter? Our team loves being outdoors, which means we have a few camping trips planned for this summer! Wondering how you can stay litter free during your camping trip? Here are a few tips from our team:

BYO Dishes & Cutlery

It’s almost too easy to throw a package of styrofoam plates and a sleeve of red solo cups into our camping bags. We replace these items with reusable plates (usually the durable enamelware as many campsites don’t allow glass or ceramic), and some forks and knives from our kitchen drawer.

Reusable Napkins

Microfibre cloths or cloth napkins are a good substitute to paper napkins. They do require to be washed at the end of your trip, but create a lot less waste compared to standard paper napkins or paper towels.

Pre-pack Your Food

Pre-packing your food in reusable containers, then storing them in a cooler is a great way to avoid additional camping waste. Many camper-friendly snacks can be purchased package-free, at stores like Bulk Barn that offer reusable jar programs. This way, from store-to-campsite, you’re litter free!

Borrow Items You Don't Have

If you don’t own a cooler, ask friends or family if you can borrow one! You can also find many camping items at second hand stores, like Value Village or borrow/rent them from a library of things like The Sharing Depot. We’re bringing litter to a different level here – reuse items when you can instead of buying them new. It keeps stuff out of the landfill, reduces packaging, and saves you a bit of cash!

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