"An average website with 10,000 page views per month could be responsible for emitting up to 4,700 lbs of CO2, equivalent to driving a car for over 5,000 miles." - Jack Amend, Forbes

Since we're running an organization that is focused on "zero waste" it is essential that we ensure our business isn't causing a negative environmental impact. We have taken several actions to eliminate the amount of waste we create including reusing supplies and equipment during our litter cleanups and events, recycling and composting as much of the litter we pick up as possible, and reusing packaging when shipping from our zero waste shop. But, there are some things that just can't be prevented including emissions from the operation of our website, vehicle emissions from traveling to events (yes, we would love an electric car), and emissions caused by shipping orders from our online shop. There is a solution.

Each year we will purchase enough carbon offsets to cover the emissions caused by our operations. We operate our nonprofit very simply since we don't have a physical office location and use a solar panel to charge our electronics, but this doesn't mean we can ignore the small impact we do have. To start, we have purchased an offset that will counteract 2 tonnes of CO2. That is likely more than we’ll produce in a year, but in this case more is better.

Offset Receipt