Marie Curtis Park Cleanup


Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019
Time: 2:00 pm

Registered Volunteers:

Reggie T Julie T
Mike B Jessie B
Ariel A Connor B
Nikki G Denisa M
Steven G Scott M
Jen R Evie G
Jamie G Robert A
Sue M Belle A
Pat B Malcolm B
Andrew B Adam V

Raw Data

Cans - 7
Straws - 5
Utensils - 4
Personal Hygiene - 2
Textiles - 7
Construction - 6
Fishing - 1
Plastic Pieces - 821
Paper - 10
Glass - 6
Foam - 92
Other - 58

Cigarette Butts - 54
Tobacco Packaging - 2
Lighter - 1
Plastic Grocery Bags - 0
Other Plastic Bags - 2
Paper Bags - 0
Reusable Bags - 0
Food Wrappers - 19
Plastic Beverage Bottles - 5
Plastic Bottle Caps - 11
Plastic Lids - 3
Plastic Cups - 1

TOTAL : 1,117 Pieces

Litter Composition


The weather was clear but a recent storm washed up a lot of broken plastic pieces. Most of the pieces were unidentifiable because they were so small. The most unusual thing found was a whole eggplant. This beach will need a lot more attention in order to make it into a clean, pristine recreation area.

Problem items

The most common item found was plastic pieces, second to that was styrofoam. The source of these items is not clear which makes it hard to determine a cause. The styrofoam likely comes from docks that have broken apart. Cigarette butts are also an issue here.


Cigarette butt receptacles could be installed along the parking lot. Or pocket ashtrays could be handed out locally and signage could be installed.

We need residents to reduce their plastic usage.
Here are some simple solutions:

  1. Bring a reusable bottle or mug around with you

  2. Say no to straws or bring your own reusable version

  3. Purchase food with little or no packaging

  4. Recycle correctly

  5. Purchase items made from natural materials including wood, glass, metal, bamboo, or cotton.

Quotes from Citizen Scientists:

“Doing a litter cleanup really helped me understand the types of litter being found most often, which will make me more cautious when I’m making future purchases.” - Mike B