We Appreciate Your Support

Your donations help us continue our important work cleaning up the planet. With your support we are able to purchase cleanup supplies and equipment as well as pay for day-to-day things like web hosting and bank fees. We are so grateful for any donations we receive as it helps us focus less on how we're going to pay for things and more on what impactful project we can host next.

Donations help fund our two annual events; The Butt Blitz and Love Your Lake. The Butt Blitz focuses on the cleanup and prevention of cigarette butt litter in our environment. Funding is needed for the purchase of pocket ashtrays, shipping supplies to coordinators, and marketing to reach potential volunteers. Many people underestimate the harm of cigarette butts in our environment.

Love Your Lake is an annual project that includes 100 litter cleanups along the shores of Lake Ontario. We start in Niagara-on-the-Lake and work our way around finishing in Kingston. We are seeking funding to help cover costs that are not covered by the grant we receive. This includes travel expenses like gas and parking, and most importantly liability insurance.  We can't run the program without these expenses so your support helps make the project happen!


Where does the money go?


Functional Expenses - $31,925