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Vancouver Butt Blitz

  • Grandview Park 1657 Charles Street Vancouver, BC, V5L 2T4 Canada (map)

Welcome back for another round of Vancouver The Butt Blitz!

As this is our third year participating in the Blitz, we have some traditions in place. We always wear costumes, we always bring snacks, we always provide music, and we always have COMPETITIONS:

1. The Best Squat and Reach - where you display your Best Butt Touching abilities!

2. The Most Butts Touched - a timed competition where we split up to collect as many butts as possible in one hour!

3. The Gruesome Twosome - a pair of two that demonstrates the best teamwork BUCKET PLUCK!

4. The Most Valuable Rookie - a fresh face with the perfect attitude!

5. The Best Costume - looking fly and flashy, leading by example!

Last year, The Butt Touchers hosted in Vancouver - our clean up of Commercial Drive's Grandview Park and area collected a whopping 17,526 cigarette butts for recycling! WHOA! And of course, this year, we hope to break those records... we WILL need your help!


1. I can promise you this will be the most fun you have ever had cleaning. Between grooving tunes, wacky personalities, and interactive games created specifically for your Butt Touching pleasure, I won't even need to tell you that you are doing your community a MAJOR service! Bend, pluck, bag and tally your butts my friends - let's boogie!

2. YOU ARE DOING YOUR COMMUNITY A MAJOR SERVICE! One cigarette butt can pollute over 40L of water. Here we are, on the coast of the Pacific, allowing butts to toxify our city rain-forest! When you come to help clean with us at an event, we make a much larger impact than the park! The bigger the group, the faster people take notice. This is next-level impact beside self responsibility in waste!

3. You will make friends for life! We Butt Touchers take leading by example very seriously and part of that is radical inclusion. We encourage all varieties of people and all types of clean up abilities. If you don't pick up one butt, we are still happy to have you! And if you bring your children, as this is family friendly, we don't want them to clean up anything! We want them to play hopscotch and be safe. There is no expectation of anything other than a wink and a nod!

Please come prepared for a 3+ hour event! Bring your own reusable water bottle, sunscreen and hat (or other weather wear requirements), and any snacks you may need. Some snacks will be provided - we always provide vegan snacks with a side of fruit to do our best to be inclusive across the board!

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