Board of Directors

Rochelle Byrne

As a graduate of Fleming College's Ecosystem Management Program and a Bachelor of Science from Athabasca University, Rochelle has proven to have a strong passion for environmental science and sustainability. She founded A Greener Future after coordinating a shoreline cleanup in her community and decided that one cleanup per year just wasn't enough.


Rochelle has held several employment positions related to environmental education at Fleming College, the Riverview Park and Zoo, and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. She has  published a children's book focused on the harmful effects of litter on wildlife. Rochelle is the 2017 Environment Award recipient for the City of Pickering.

Michael Byrne

Mike is a graduate of Fleming College's Culinary Management Program. He works full time as a sales consultant at Canada Cutlery Inc. He decided to get involved with A Greener Future to expand his environmental awareness and pursue work outside of culinary business. Mike is very dedicated to helping to improve our environment, as well as educating himself and others on how we can create positive change.


"People have the ability to create great change in the world, if we can work together as a community with one common goal in mind, there are no limits to the impact we can have on our environment, not only for us, but for the generations that will follow."

Ariel Archibald

Ariel has been strongly involved with A Greener Future from the very beginning. She attended almost all the 100 litter cleanups throughout our first Love Your Lake project and often helps out behind the scenes. As A Greener Future grows so does her ever evolving role in our projects.


Ariel works at Yamchops in Toronto, it's a vegetarian butcher shop on College Street. You should stop by and say hello if you're in her area! She has been vegan for four years and was a vegetarian prior to that. She is an animal activist and cares "a whole awful lot" about the environment.

Nicole Davidson

Nicole has been working full time in education for the past six years, she holds a diploma in International Trade and is a lifelong learner taking part-time courses in her spare time. She has a passion for the environment, is curious and enjoys learning new things, especially new ways to reduce waste and reuse items. She loves the outdoors and does her part to protect it by participating in community cleanups and collecting litter on her own. 


Nicole is well travelled, she loves seeing new places and learning about new cultures. She is also newly married and loves spending time with her family and exploring with her two boxer dogs.

Tanya Krejberg

Tanya is an enthusiastic, natural resource management graduate from Fleming College with a passion for wildlife and conservation. She has been involved with A Greener Future over the past year as a site coordinator, helping out with the Toronto and Kingston Love your Lake events. Tanya has volunteered as a wildlife care attendant at the Toronto Wildlife Centre and as an educator at the Toronto Zoo. She currently works as an Environmental Health Inspector for the City of Toronto.


Tanya loves being outside, especially on or under the water; she canoes, scuba dives, and paddle boards with her black lab Tucker. Protecting the great outdoors while enjoying it is important to her; she will often collect litter while walking on the beach or through the forest, or even while vacationing in Cuba. Every little bit helps. 

Jessie Black

Jessie has played the piano her entire life,  and just recently made the decision to make music her full time career. She is a recent graduate, earning a diploma in Music, and spent the summer working as a pit musician.


Jessie loves being outdoors- hiking being one of her favourite things to do. She likes exploring new areas, researching and learning new things, and is an avid traveler who dreams of one day visiting most of the world. Jessie strives to live a zero waste lifestyle, with proper recycling techniques being very important to her. She decided to get involved with A Greener Future because she loves what the organization is doing for the planet. She is a raw vegan, with a passion for health and nutrition, and consciously chooses to eat this way to help protect animals and to reduce her impact on the planet. 

Connor Brown

Connor is a Fleming graduate from the Business Administration/ Marketing program. He is currently working at Canada Cutlery Inc. as their Marketing Coordinator. He decided to get involved with A Greener Future to better educate himself and others on the importance of the environment. Environmental awareness is the first step toward a better future and that’s why he is excited to see what he can do for A Greener Future.


Outside of work Connor has a keen interest in music and likes to think of himself as somewhat of a young John Lennon. Of course he had a ton of time to practice his guitar while growing up in the boonies.


Julie Taylor

Julie is a graduate of Humber College’s Bachelor of Creative Advertising program. She currently

works at Drive Auto Group as a Digital Marketing Specialist and assists in managing dealership websites. She has always had an environmental interest and decided to join A Greener Future to expand her knowledge and brighten the futures of the people around her.


Julie grew up on a farm and spent her whole life loving animals of all shapes and sizes. She also loves to travel and can’t help but notice the different communities around the globe that could use more knowledge on the importance of litter cleanups. She is very happy and excited to be a part of an organization is helping to change the world.


Butt Blitz Coordinator Intern

Stefania Mustillo


Stefania Mustillo holds a BA in Geography from Bishop’s University and is a recent graduate of McGill University’s MSc Integrated Water Resources Management program. A native Montrealer, Stefania is interested in promoting civic pride: enjoying what big cities have to offer while also keeping them clean and green. Her interests also include traveling, where seeing beautiful places impacted by waste has made her an avid ‘litter picker-upper’ for many years. As an intern for the 2017 Butt Blitz campaign, she is excited to be a part of A Greener Future’s continuing success! 


Stefania est fière de faire partie de l’équipe de A Greener Future! Tous ensemble, on peut faire une différence dans notre milieu. 

Nurdle the Turtle

Nurdle is a rescued turtle who has lost her back foot. Her job is to educate citizens about the threats that litter poses towards wildlife. She hopes to prevent other animals from acquiring the injuries she has dealt with. 


Do you know what a Nurdle is? It's a small piece of plastic that usually ends up in our waterways. These can be very hazardous to wildlife because they mistake them for food.