Did you know?
It is estimated that over 3 million pieces of litter are dumped into Lake Ontario annually. The amount of plastic  tossed in each year is equivalent to 28 Olympic sized swimming pools filled with water bottles. These remnants of our single-use, expendable society are suffocating our lake, a lake that provides drinking water for 6.3 million people. And what’s scarier, studies have shown that our waste water treatment plants lack the capabilities to remove all of the microscopic bits of plastic floating in it - meaning that, yes, that glass of water you are drinking may contain tiny plastic particles.

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We're making a documentary to raise awareness and change this. We have a wonderful team working on this  project, but we certainly need your help to make it happen. Please support our crowdfunding campaign, spread the word, and come out to a cleanup!

Wall of Honour

Helen Ren
The Kassay Family
Sally Hale

Suzanne Gibson
Alyson Driedger
Trudee & Rob Romanek
Larry Herr

The Team


Jen Pogue

Jen Pogue is a Toronto-based Actor & Producer. She has produced on teams for over a dozen music videos & award-winning short films which have showcased at festivals across the globe, and serves as the Industry Series Producer for the Canadian Film Fest (CFF), as well as an Associate Producer for Women On Screen - (WOS). Since working with the Love Your Lake Team, Jen has sworn off the use of plastic straws and is thrilled to spend the summer raising awareness to help our beloved lakes.


Bob Hobbs

Toronto-based independent Cinematographer. Graduate from Toronto Film School and working in music videos, feature films and short narrative and documentaries. Aspiring to impact the environment through action and story.


Rochelle Byrne

Rochelle is the Executive Director at A Greener Future and the main organizer of Love Your Lake. This film focuses on her journey around the Lake and the challenges she faces along the way. Through daily efforts she does anything she can to reduce waste and raise awareness about environmental health.