Litter Cleanup Equipment


Litter Picker

Used to pick up litter. Especially helpful for litter in hard to reach spots.


Canvas Bag

Used to put the litter in during the cleanup. Bags are then dumped onto the tarp to be sorted.


Reusable Gloved

Used to protect your hands during the cleanup. You can keep these after the cleanup for gardening, tree planting, or future litter cleanups.


Canvas Tarp

We spread this out to sort the litter on. This way we don’t leave any pieces behind.

Sharps Container

Syringes go in here. If you find a syringe use the litter picker to carry it to the sharps container.

Grease Pencil

Used to write on the data sheet. This wipes off the laminated sheet easily once we’ve entered the data into the computer.

A Greener Future Data Sheet.jpg

Data Sheet

Used to record the litter picked up. Categories are in alphabetical order. Please do your best to memorize where items are located so you can find them more quickly during the recording process.


Clip Board

Holds on to the data sheet for a sturdy writing surface.

Water Jug

To keep you hydrated. Refill your water bottle any time.


Measuring Tape

To measure the 1m X 1m plot to test for microplastics in the sand.


Mesh Sifter

To sift the sand for microplastics.