Our PEC Adventure


Love Your Lake is always a fun project to run. Our team gets to explore the shores of Lake Ontario from one tip to the other. As we travel from one cleanup to the next our bond with the Lake becomes stronger. We appreciate everything that the Lake is; wildlife habitat, drinking water, a place for recreation, and a place to relax and reflect. By the time we reach Prince Edward County, which is about 3/4 of the way from the starting point in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we are fully enveloped in the spell cast by the Lake's presence. This year Prince Edward County (PEC) was an exceptional experience, let me tell you why.

Jessie (Board Member) and I (Rochelle, Executive Director) departed from our friends and family after a weekend of camping at Presqu'ile Provincial Park. With so many cleanups being cancelled due to high water levels, flooding, landslides, and construction we had some cleanups to make up. We couldn't spend our time commuting from Toronto and back and expect to get all the cleanups done so we hit the road in our beautiful Honda Civic donated by the Honda Canada Foundation. We didn't have an exact plan, we just knew that we had to get 25 cleanups done within five days in order to reach our goal.We set out on the open road stopping in Trenton to do a few cleanups then crossing the Bay Bridge into PEC.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 3.48.17 PM.png
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The Edward

We are so thankful to The Edward B&B for providing us with a complimentary stay while on our journey. This was certainly one of the biggest highlights of the project. After two rainy days of camping in Presqu'ile Provincial Park and five cleanups we arrived at the beautiful east coast inspired home. Smelling like bonfire and wet animals we were greeted warmly by our hosts. The house is beautiful inside and out. We were led to our suite where we showered and changed before heading out to dinner in Picton. We scouted out a couple places for cleanups on the drive back. In the evening we sat in the living room to have some tea and conversation with our hosts. The time slipped by as we chatted about life. In the morning we were greeted with the most delicious vegetarian breakfast we had ever eaten, including freshly baked muffins made just for us! The hosts at The Edward are the most kind and welcoming people. They definitely made the right decision in starting a B&B. If you're planning a visit to PEC make sure you book your stay at The Edward! But for now check out their Instagram!

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