We Picked Up The Most Commonly Accepted Form Of Litter


You might be thinking we’re crazy in saying there’s an acceptable form of litter, because throwing our garbage on the ground isn’t okay... right?

Right, but wrong. We’ve been exposed to people throwing their cigarette butts on the ground our whole lives. Those little pieces of rubbish may not seem like much, but cigarette butts aren’t biodegradable. That means every butt thrown out a window, stays on the ground, and isn’t going anywhere.

Well, they stay on the ground until someone comes by, and picks them up. Our team at A Greener Future are happy to announce the success of our third annual Butt Blitz! On May 6th, volunteers all across Canada took their butts outside to pick up the ones off the ground.

As you all know, our forever mission is to reduce waste to create a happier, and healthier Earth for everyone. That can be hard to do with all of those cigarette butts on the ground. Lucky for us, TerraCycle Canada has a cigarette waste recycling program so that those little pieces of accepted litter can be repurposed into something better.

Last year, A Greener Future and our volunteers picked up 122,800 cigarette butts to send in to TerraCycle’s program. With an ambitious goal of 200,000 butts this year, our volunteers set foot outside on the morning of May 6th to pick up as many butts as possible.

Our volunteers made a significant dent in reducing the number of cigarette butts polluting our environment. With 25 Butt Blitz events from coast to coast, we managed to pick up a total of 223,354 butts! 

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who coordinated and participated. You helped eliminate a huge amount of litter in Canada on May 6th. We hope to see all of our butt-picking buddies at next years event! (Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 5, 2018)