We Heart Honda

Sending positive vibes your way on this beautiful June day. We hope that the last few weeks have been as life-altering and impactful as ours have been, whether that’s litter cleanups or some good old soul-searching and self-reflection. 

We wanted to take some time to acknowledge one of our incredibly generous partners, without whom it would be a lot more difficult to travel to our 100 cleanup locations. The Honda Canada Foundation has donated a brand new 2018 Honda Civic, decked out with A Greener Future logos, and $3,000 toward gas expenses. As many of you know, this is a major contribution to our Love Your Lake project, since we start in Niagara-on-the-Lake at the end of May and work our way around the shores of Lake Ontario to Kingston by the end of August! Without this charitable partnership, our legs would be tired from all that walking!


There are a lot of fantastic features about the 2018 Honda Civic, but we want to highlight a few of our favourites:

Love Your Lake involves a lot of beach cleanups. Beaches mean sand. And sand gets everywhere. We keep the majority of our cleanup supplies, like litter pickers, bags, and gloves, in the trunk. As you can imagine, the trunk becomes a pretty sandy place after a few cleanups! The great thing about the Civic is that the trunk has a flexible plastic liner, so that when it comes time to clean out all that sand, it’s as easy as lifting it up and shaking it out. While we love nature, we don’t want to take it home with us in the trunk of our car!

We are also very grateful that the Civic is compatible with our phones. Not only do we use our phones for great cruising tunes, but we often rely on the GPS to get us to our exact cleanup locations. As responsible drivers, we all know that any phone operation needs to be hands-free! The compatibility with our phones means that the GPS is available to us, hands-free, to help us arrive safely.


We can’t forget to talk safety. With incredibly high safety ratings, the 2018 Honda Civic has been rated one of the 17 Safest Cars of 2018 by U.S. News. Our youngest member of A Greener Future, 2 1/2 year old Linden, is a curious little dude! We appreciate that the Civic comes with childproof rear door locks and allows us to easily rock a carseat, so that every member of our team arrives in safety and in style. 

A massive, warm thank you to Honda for their continued (and very appreciated) partnership during Love Your Lake season! We just couldn’t achieve the same hard-hitting results without their assistance, and we look forward to working with them at some of our cleanups this summer. 

And yes, if you’re in the market for a new car, we absolutely would recommend taking this one for a test drive.