Kelsey King: Who is she and what has she learned?

Kelsey King here, A Greener Future’s resident newbie and the person behind the blog posts you’ve been reading this summer. Before I delve into the nitty gritty content of today’s blog post, I’d like to introduce myself to you all in a little more detail. 

Kelsey King, Summer Media Student

Kelsey King, Summer Media Student

I am a Fanshawe College graduate in the field of Special Events Planning, and am starting a postgraduate program in Public Relations and Corporate Communications in September 2018. I have spent time travelling, working in corporate environments, working in outdoor education and leadership, and grinding out that restaurant life. I joined the AGF team in May of this year, and it has been quite the eye-opening experience. As someone who follows a vegan lifestyle, I like to think that I am quite attuned to the environment and all the fauna that Mother Nature houses. While I certainly worked to use reusable water bottles, recycle, and make sure all the lights were off when I wasn’t using them, I was somewhat blind to the many other environmental impacts of my lifestyle.

In the span of a month, we collected over 40,000 pieces of litter (which is up by nearly 13,000 pieces at this time last year!), and a lot of the litter we’ve collected looks familiar to me: plastic straws, plastic tampon applicators, and food wrappers just to name a few. These are things that I am intimately familiar with in my own life, and thought nothing of. I would simply use what I needed and dispose of it. I was putting out two small kitchen bags of garbage and a very full recycling bin every few weeks! This may not seem like a lot, but that is just one person’s waste. Now multiply that by each person in a household, and it really adds up. While I have always been careful to ensure that any refuse ends up in its proper place, I have come to realize that that is only a very small part of our waste cycle.

We have picked up countless straws, plastic pieces, paper pieces, food wrappers, cigarettes butts, tobacco packaging, beer cans, plastic bottles, personal hygiene items, and we even picked up a full Bible that someone lost on the beach. There is always an interesting find, but what’s even more interesting to me is the sheer volume of litter present on our beaches and in our parks. For every one piece of litter we pick up, there are a million more still waiting to be collected, sorted and recycled or repurposed. It can seem overwhelming at times, and I have experienced extreme guilt and disgust when witnessing what we, as humans, have done to our environment. We treat everything as disposable, because it’s easy to do so; we simply put our household waste out on the curb, and it disappears. Out of sight, out of mind!

Robert, Linden, Mike, Jessie, and Kelsey in Lincoln, Ontario.

Robert, Linden, Mike, Jessie, and Kelsey in Lincoln, Ontario.

     But that’s just not what happens. Our landfills are getting fuller, we’re flushing things we shouldn’t be flushing, and we are treating our world as if it, too, is disposable. But guess what? It isn’t. Mother Earth is struggling to survive and to sustain us, and we only get one planet! There is no Planet B, so we need to start taking better care of Planet A. 

Because of what I have witnesses and learned, I am much more conscious of my decisions when purchasing groceries, clothing, and even going out to eat. I now carry a stainless steel reusable straw and a set of bamboo eating utensils, which eliminates the need for me to use a plastic straw or disposable cutlery when I’m out and about! Instead of putting all of my groceries in plastic produce bags, I am careful to use as little plastic as possible. I refuse all plastic bags from stores, and instead bring my own reusable bags with me. I always use a reusable water bottle or cup, and I have even gifted reusable straws and pocket ashtrays to many of my friends and family.

     These are small, simple and easy changes to implement. It may seem inconvenient at first; I have to carry a straw? I have to carry utensils? I can’t use plastic bags? But friends, let me tell you…this is the easiest change I have ever made. It’s a breeze to tuck a straw into your bag or keep one in your car! They’re so small, you won’t even notice. The utensils are made to be mobile and pack easily! And we all have so many reusable bags that sometimes we don’t know what to do with them. Well, we should use them! 

Tallying data in Grimsby, Ontario

Tallying data in Grimsby, Ontario

     Please don’t feel as though you need to overhaul your life all at once. That’s something I’ve taken away from this experience; it’s not about being perfect and becoming Zero Waste overnight. Rather, implement small changes that act as catalysts for bigger change down the line. Educate your friends and family to help them be more aware of the impacts their choices have, and be supportive on their journeys from disposable to reusable! 

     If you, like me, are feeling enlightened and wish to make a change, I encourage you to take the plunge! There are an endless number of resources available to you online and in print. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to A Greener Future or to me. We’d be more than happy to help in any way we can.

I hope that this blog post was illuminating for you folks, and I’m looking forward to continuing to make lasting changes that will create a cleaner, happier environment for us all. May we stand together and show Mother Earth that we will not merely stand by, but instead will be agents of change.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Meaghan Paterson

Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to stumble across some amazing volunteers here at A Greener Future. They're the type that have passion for the environment, and motivation to keep working despite difficulty. In order to honour our valuable volunteers we're shining a spotlight on them and sharing their meaningful stories over the course of 2018. Introducing our first spectacular volunteer: Meaghan Paterson! (aka Maggie)

Over the past three years Meaghan has done a number of projects with A Greener Future. Most notably, coordinating the Butt Blitz in Barrie for two (soon to be three!) years in a row and collecting 26,290 cigarette butts to be recycled! "I get so emotionally involved, I find myself talking about it year round," says Maggie. If you're from the Barrie area be sure to join her at the Spirit Catcher on May 5th, 2018 to help her reach her butt picking goal.


One of the most inspiring projects Meaghan has taken on with us was working with Rogers TV to produce the show Generation Green. "I learned so much and got to meet some amazing people. It was so much fun and something I never thought I would do," she says. If you have a rogers account you can stream all the shows through your account and see Meaghan in action!

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.00.28 PM.png

Meaghan's greatest environmental achievement comes in the form of the little things she does each day. It can be hard to change your everyday behaviour, but Meaghan has done just this bit by bit. "As I walk to work everyday I pick up litter as I go. Sometimes my hands are cold and I can barely carry all the Nestle and Coke bottles I find because there are so many on my seven minute walk. But if I don't do it who is going to? They'll still be there the next day."

Meaghan has also done litter cleanups with A Greener Future and supported their Zero Waste 101 program by purchasing zero waste products to use in her daily life. "I hope one day that we can all have more respect for the environment. I think that women will change the path we are on. They are the carriers of the future and care about their children's lives more than money or power."

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.16.34 PM.png

So why does Meaghan volunteer with us? She says the short answer is to make the world a better place. "It’s overwhelming with all the bad things that are going on out there, A Greener Future is a way that I can find some good energy locally. I do it for the future, and my baby niece," Meaghan explains. We're very happy to have Maggie as a volunteer, her time and energy is invaluable to us!