5 Ways to Reduce Your Waste Today


Tuesday is our least favourite day of the week. For most that would be Monday – work begins and the weekend is nowhere in sight. Wednesday is another commonly disliked day. It’s not quite Monday, but the weekend still seems just as far away. To us, Monday and Wednesday are nothing compared to our dreaded Tuesday.

In our neighbourhood, Tuesday is garbage day. Cans filled to the brim line the street. More often than not, especially if there’s a strong wind, pieces of trash will be blown out of their bins and scatter on the ground. It’s the one day each week that we see how much waste we produce as a household.

At A Greener Future, we are constantly thinking of new ways to eliminate waste in our daily lives. What we’ve realized is, you don’t have to overthink it, you just have to plan it. Here are 5 simple tips you can use to reduce your waste today:

5. Use Reusable Containers


This may seem like a simple one, but too many of us fall victim to the convenience of plastic wrap, tin foil, and plastic zip bags. While we admit there may be a bag or two in our cupboards for emergencies, using reusable lunch containers will keep your food just as fresh, and will minimize the amount of trash coming from your household on a day-to-day basis.


4. Don't Let Food Expire


You may want to sit down for this one. Canadians waste $31 billion worth of food every year. Out of that giant pile of food, 47% is wasted in the home. That statistic is garbage! Literally. Just being mindful of the expiration dates of the food in your fridge can significantly reduce your waste. Meal planning is also a great way to ensure you only buy what you need. And hey, if that cucumber does go bad, just make sure you compost it so it doesn't end up wasting space in the landfill and the nutrients can be reused as soil.


3. Shop Second Hand


Going shopping with a friend after work or school? Try shopping at a second hand store. Reusing items until the end of their life is a great way to reduce waste and keep stuff out of the landfill. You can save a pretty penny, and often come out with good finds, too. Recently, we found a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels that retail for $965, for only $12.99 at our local Value Village! It’s worth it just for the savings! And it works both ways, if you have items you no longer use pass them on to a second hand shop and it might give them a better life and free up space in your home.


2. Use Quality Products


Buying products that last is better for the environment and your wallet. Nowadays most products are meant to have a short lifespan so consumers are forced to replace them more often, but if you shop around you might just find some quality made products that have lifetime guarantees. For some inspiration check out this article: 43 Companies With Lifetime Guarantees on The Penny Hoarder.


1. Reusable Produce Bags

Now that the reusable shopping bag is finally catching on it's time to take it a step further. Come on, I know you can handle it! Reusable produce bags are an easy way to buy loose fruit and veggies at the grocery store or farmer's market. On average only one plastic bag in every 200 is recycled and each year an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide (Source). This simple switch to reusable produce bags can significantly help reduce the number of plastic bags floating around the globe.