Compostable Tomato Loofah Scrubber

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Compostable Tomato Loofah Scrubber


The Loofah used in these scrubbers is naturally grown and processed. Because of the longer and finer textured fibers that resist wear, Loofah-Art® products are the strongest, most resilient and pliable natural cleaners on the market-outlasting most other scrubbers.

  • Material Type: Natural Loofah Plant

  • Care Instructions: After each use just rinse and air dry - always stays "fresh

  • Gentle enough to clean fruits and vegetables

  • Tough enough to clean stubborn pots, pans, and dishware

  • Non-scratch fibres are safe to use on: wood, glass, porcelain, china, copper, non-stick, appliances, cast iron, and stainless steel

  • Works well in the shower or the kitchen

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