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  A Greener Future works hand-in-hand with local communities to promote environmental preservation through organized litter cleanups, educational programs, and events. Our expanding family of volunteers are committed to creating a clean, healthy environment that can be sustained for generations.

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Lake Ontario's Best and Worst Beaches

Guest Blog By: Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

In December 2015, Waterkeeper released Swim Guide’s second annual Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Beach Report. While Lake Ontario’s results showed a general improvement, we also want to give recreational water users a closer look at their beaches. A naughty and nice list, so to speak. 


Which beaches met recreational water quality standards more frequently? On the opposite end, which beaches frequently failed?


Because of its size, Lake Ontario experiences varied levels of stress depending on the region. Water quality data is still in the process of improving, after reading the list, please consider the important notes that follow as well.


Without further ado, here are the Lake Ontario watershed’s best and worst beaches in 2015. Did your local beach make the top 10?

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Love Your Lake Progress Report!

Where We've Been

We started in Niagara-on-the-Lake and worked our way around the shoreline of Lake Ontario to Oakville. Check out our success in each community:



St. Catharines




Hamilton 2


Burlington 2


Where We're Going

We're not quite finished in Oakville, cleanups will resume on Friday! And we still have lots of places to go:

Please Join Us! Register Here!

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Love Your Lake Day 9


We're off to a great start in Oakville! We started off with a peaceful morning at the waterfront across from Samuel Curtis Parkette. It didn't look too messy but there were lots of things hiding between the rocks. At noon we went to South Shell Park and were met with 20 volunteers! We picked up a ton of stuff! It was inspiring to see so many kids who wanted to help clean up the park. Especially the young gentleman who wanted to clean up the whole ocean! The park is much cleaner and we can't stop smiling as we think about how promising the future is with all these kids that care about the planet! We'll be back in Oakville on Friday for more cleanups, we still have 8 more to do from the 27th-29th. There's still time to register!


Total Pieces Collected:  1,252

124 food wrappers

96 plastic bottle caps

30 cans

63 straws

369 plastic pieces

130 foam pieces

127 paper pieces


Weird Things Found:

Plastic bird leg, plastic lizard, doll with no head, poopy underwear, mario hat, a candle, nail polish brush, and a transit pass.

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