Data Enhancement Project


We are honoured and proud to announce that we have received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to support our new data enhancement project. They are generously providing $31,400 to improve our data collection, analysis and presentation methods. We just picked up our 1 millionth piece of litter and have been keeping this data in a basic spreadsheet but it is becoming hard to read and isn’t being used to its potential. Not only are we going to streamline our data, we'll also be able to present it in new ways through Esri maps and Story Maps. We want to be able to show you all 1 million pieces of litter in a way that is impactful, shows important information, and inspires new ways to target specific types of litter. Progress will be posted to this webpage and also shared on our social media throughout the project.

If you would like to lend your expertise to this project please send us an email, we’re always looking for great volunteers!