The Butt Blitz

The Butt Blitz is a single-day event that aims to remove as much cigarette butt litter as possible from the environment. Coordinators recruit volunteers to pick up cigarette butts locally and then send the butts to TerraCycle Canada for recycling. We hope to raise awareness of the negative impacts that cigarette butt litter has on ecosystems and health, and prevent future littering through the distribution of pocket ashtrays.


The Butt Blitz
Saturday, April 27, 2019

We are currently recruiting 15 Volunteer Coordinators within the City of Toronto. If you’re passionate about the environment and can help us run this event we need your help!
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We can only pick up cigarette butts located between Niagara and Kingston, and as far North as Barrie, Ontario. Collectors outside of this area will need to meet shipping requirements.
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